Monday, January 2, 2012

The Lutterworth

The Lutterworth was an iron barque of 883 tons and was launched at Hartlepoole in 1868. In 1872 she was purchased by Shaw Saville & Co for the New Zealand trade. In 1906 she was dismasted in a storm and abandoned. She was salvaged and towed back to port where a court case ensured over whether or not she was in fact a derilect. The salvors of the vessel were awarded costs. The vessel was found too costly to repair and she was sold to the Northern Steamship Company for use as a coal hulk in Wellington. I have found reports on her as late as 1940 still in use in Wellington as a hulk. There is an excellent chapter on her from the book 'White Wings' on line at the NZETC here. I'm still working on a more detailed time line of her shipping career and will add to this blog post once it's completed